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Interested in looking back through the history of Australian climate campaigns? We’ve compiled a list of campaigns across the Australian climate movement, with decades of history to explore. Use the map to navigate by location or the filters to refine your search. Don’t see a campaign here that should be listed? Get in touch with us via the Contact form to help us measure the impact of the Australian climate movement.


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This fundraising campaign aims to raise $30,000 to fund Divers for Climate's 2024 activities, including "Climate Crew workshops", "Surface break events" and "Our Story film launch".
The #Repower campaign is a movement of Australians working together to power our country with energy from the sun and wind.
This is a subcampaign of the wider Stop Adani campaign run by Canberra. It aims to get supporters active in their community and help tell Westpac to rule out Adani’s dangerous plans to #StopAdani in Canberra!
The Smart Energy Council has launched a new campaign to tackle greedy gas war profiteering.
This campaign by 1 Million Women asked supporters to download the 1 Million Women App, which would given them the tools to cut carbon pollution in the key areas of their everyday life.
In 2006, we are campaigning toward having our universities commit to purchasing 100% post-consumer recycled paper by the end of 2007 in course materials and readers, university departmental purchasing, photocopiers and printers located on campus, and toilet paper in university toilets.
This campaign targeted South Australian Premier Weatherill and ask him for a Roadmap for 100% Renewable Energy in SA.
100% Renewable is a campaign designed to unite people in communities all over Australia in their call for an urgent transition to 100% clean, renewable energy.
This national campaign pushes for Australia to be powered 100% by renewable energy. To many this still sounds like a pipedream, yet a detailed, fully-costed plan (ZCA2020) exists for one way it could be done - in ten years! What's needed? Political will. What do we face? Political won't.
This campaign advocates for a switch to 100% clean renewable energy, creating a safer, healthier happier future for all.
LEAN is calling on the Labor party to adopt the recommendation of its own expert body – the Climate Change Authority – and adopt a “19% plus” emissions reduction target. LEAN is asking Labor members to pass the following resolution at their branches and Federal Electoral Councils to encourage the Federal Labor Party to enact a higher emissions reduction target
This campaign by 1 Million Women asked supporters to sign their name to an open letter calling on the World Heritage Committee to declare the Great Barrier Reef "in danger".
This campaign by 1 Million Women asked supporters to switch their bank, super or pension fund to an ethical option.
This digital campaign run by 1 Million Women asked supporters to sign a pledge and share social media tiles using the slogan "1M Voting Climate" in the lead up to the 2022 federal election.
In 2008 BREAZE ran a campaign to organise a Ballarat Regional Forum on Climate Change
In the lead-up to the 2014 state election, ordinary people around Victoria stepped up to make our environment a key issue for voters, through door-knocking, phone calling, flyering and stalls.
During the 2016 federal election hundreds of Environment Victoria volunteers headed out to talk to people in the local community about our environment and the policies of the major parties.
This campaign by 1 Million Women asked supporters to sign their name to an open letter to politicians in the lead up to the 2016 federal election.
The 2020 Health Care Climate Challenge is an initiative by the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH) Network to mobilise hospitals and health centres around the world to commit to 2020 emissions reduction targets.
This campaign was held in the lead up to COP26 in Glasgow, Citizen's Climate Lobby held 100 days of action calling for: A bipartisan and federally legislated target of Net Zero Emissions by 2050 (and preferably sooner), with a clearly documented process for achieving it presented by the Government at the Conference.
The Climate200 2022 election campaign sought to get candidates focussed on "climate, integrity and gender equality" elected in the federal election.
This campaign targeted candidates ahead of the 2022 federal elecation to ensure they were "hearing farmer voices calling for strong climate policy"
This campaign called on firefighters to share their experiences on the frontlines to communicate to the federal government (Prime Minister Scott Morrison & Senator Bridget McKenzie) that more action needed to be taken on climate change.
Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia Inc. (CORENA) is looking for 50,000 people to help fund what will be Stage 1 of Australia’s first citizen-owned solar thermal power plant, which will also feature molten salt energy storage.
50% renewables and 50% pollution reduction to be achieved by 2031. LEAN volunteers spread across the country and visited local branches and any other party units they could find.
This campaign focused on submissions to NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment on the Centennial coalmine and its impacts on many rare wetlands on the Newnes Plateau in the western Blue Mountains.
This campaign calls on the Victorian Government to set up a permanent Victorian Community Climate Adaptation Fund (VCCAF). "to support communities in building resilience to climate impacts".
The rules that govern electricity prices were designed to finance the investments of the past, not to build the energy system of the future. A fair price for solar will help create a cheaper, healthier and more robust electricity system that will benefit all consumers, whether they are solar owners or not.
This campaign focused on opposing lobbyiest derailing the Murray Darling Basin Plan.
This campaign called for a just recovery post-COVID calling on the government to enact "stimulus spending on climate-conserving, low-carbon options" - as opposed to coal/gas
This campaign responds to the Coalition government’s new energy policy, which Climate Change Australia - Hastings says is a ‘giant leap backwards’.
Deputy Premier Seeney has just announced that he had forsaken sea dumping and had found a site for onshore disposal – something that until then had been deemed, after a number of assessments by consultants for the proponents, to be infeasible on environmental and/or technical and/or economic grounds
This campaign called for net zero by no later than 2050: Australia needs to reach net zero emissions no later than 2050 and preferably sooner. A bipartisan and federally legislated net zero emissions by 2050 target is required in order to achieve this (which includes being on track by 2030).
This campaign focussed on getting candidates in the 2016 ACT election to commit to strong climate policy. "Get involved in the campaign to show our candidates that we want bold action on climate change that aligns with the science."
Our Climate Action campaign aims to keep as great a volume of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) in the ground as possible, limiting Australia’s contribution to catastrophic climate change.
This campaign focussed on pressuring the Morrison government to increase Australia's climate targets in time for the critically important COP26 summit in Glasgow.
Victoria’s Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act was groundbreaking when it was passed in 1988 but now it’s decades old and needs a major overhaul.
With a federal election looming it’s not just candidates preparing: from Western Port to Ballarat, communities have launched open letters calling on their federal representatives to urgently replace polluting fossil fuels with clean energy, while supporting our regions to adapt and thrive.
A grassroots movement working on getting the 12 remaining insurers in the Lloyds marketplace to rule out working with Adani.
This AYCC campaign asked supporters to "adopt" their local candidates to teach them about the urgent need to act on climate change.