This fundraising campaign aims to raise $30,000 to fund Divers for Climate's 2024 activities, including "Climate Crew workshops", "Surface break events" and "Our Story film launch".
Raising funds for 2024 activities.



This summer is getting hot – too hot – and our marine ecosystems are feeling it. To protect our favourite dive sites into the future, we need stronger climate action now and it’s time divers start making some noise. Sound may travel fast underwater, but it’s the powerful voices of divers on land that will lead to urgent and transformative change. We are turning up the heat at Divers for Climate and launching our Kickstarter campaign #HotDiveSummer. Our goal is to raise $30,000 and scale up our activities in 2024  to empower divers and tourism operators to become climate leaders in their communities.  These activities include:
*  Climate Crew workshops – These sessions will empower divers and tourism workers to navigate and embrace difficult conversations surrounding climate change.
* Surface break events – Online and in-person events for divers to come together, share experiences, learn, brainstorm, and collectively strengthen our call for stronger climate action.
* Our Story film launch – A compelling short film that showcases dive community leaders and sparks meaningful conversations about climate change, its impact on our ocean and our power to protect it.
The critical decade for ocean and climate action is here – we are running out of time to turn down the heat. Jump in before our oceans get too warm – Donate and share with your dive buddies now!

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