Measuring the Impact of the Australian Climate Movement

The Movement Monitor is the first-of-its-kind interactive database and map that measures the impact of the Australian climate movement. The project is gathering and analysing a diverse range of data to provide an annual snap-shot of climate movement impact. Through this measurement we can better understand the Australian climate movement’s strengths and challenges, and identify gaps and opportunities for capacity-building.

What does Movement Monitor Measure?

The impact of the Australian climate movement will be measured against a number of defined indicators of movement capacity and power.  These indicators will draw on past research into social movements as well as the priorities of stakeholders in the Australian climate movement. The indicators will allow for easy comparison over time, identifying areas of progress, decline or stagnation.

We are measuring and monitoring Australian groups focused on climate change related campaigns.

We are identifying and researching the climate movement’s strengths and challenges, gaps and opportunities.

With movement-wide measurement we are enabling informed collective action for a thriving social movement.

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This website is a work in progress. Over the next few months we’ll be continuously adding more groups, campaigns and content as we update our database. Keep checking back or subscribe below for regular updates.
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What’s the Latest News?

Measuring impact with three social movement strategists

Measuring impact with three social movement strategists

Holly Hammond, Director of Movement Monitor and the Commons Library, recently spoke to three strategists and evaluators – Danny Hutley, Amanda Tattersall and Tony Mohr – about how we measure impact in social movements.

Welcome to Movement Monitor

Welcome to Movement Monitor

What do you picture when you think about the Australian climate movement? Is it the most recent protest you took part in? A creative action you just saw on the news? Perhaps it’s the group members...

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