1 Million Women

1 Million Women is a national organisation aimed at "fighting climate change through our everyday lives".


We are women from every corner of the planet living climate action through everything we do. We need you. Will you join the movement? (sourced from website http://www.1millionwomen.com.au 4/11/2021)

Nats story, Founder of 1MW
Words from Natalie Isaacs, 1 Million Women Founder
A little over a decade ago, my lifestyle was very different. I was a cosmetics manufacturer, my life was all about over packaging and I thought climate change was someone elses problem. But the very short story is I had an epiphany and I changed. There were several things that led to it but ultimately the thing that really connected was I got our household electricity consumption down by 20% and when I saw that I had saved a heap of money and carbon pollution I realised I was powerful. At that very moment I took ownership of the issue. I realised every single thing we do shapes the kind of world we want to live in. I realised that as individuals and as a collective we are incredibly powerful. That’s what led me to start 1 Million Women (1MW) a few years later.

I left behind the over-packaged world of skincare and beauty products, and began building a global movement of women and girls. My vision was to empower women everywhere to act on climate change through everything we do. Through the way we live, through every choice we make and through using our voices and our vote. Launched in 2009, 1 Million Women is now a movement of over 970,000+ women and girls (and growing everyday). The world needs a lifestyle revolution. It’s easy to sign a petition or to put pressure on governments and march on the streets, which we have to do, but we can’t do that on the one hand, and then live our lives filled with overconsumption on the other.

I know through my own climate journey from apathy to action that profoundly changing your lifestyle is not easy, but it is key in helping to solve the challenge of this climate crisis we face. How we live each day matters. One small action at a time multiplied by millions and millions changes the system. Never underestimate how powerful you are through everything you do. Nat xx

Natalie Isaacs is the founder of 1 Million Women and Author of ‘Every womans guide to saving the planet’.