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This campaign focuses on the 2023 NSW election, Climate Future outine a minimum plan for tackling the climate crisis for candidates. They provide a template for supporters to use when contacting candidates about their emissions reduction plan.
This campaign opposed the Narrabri Gas Project.
This campaign calls for better bus stop infrastructure - including shaded shelters to protect from the heat. They are creating a map of bad bus stops around Western Sydney.
Up to 850 coal seam gas wells are planned by Santos across the Pilliga – threatening to industrialise this habitat refuge. We're supporting the community, volunteer researchers and others to ensure the Pilliga is one forest that will not be left open for coal seam gas destruction.
HotHouse is the dynamic creative engagement program of the Total Environment Centre. With events, exhibitions and educational programs we inspire and empower with new ideas and actions. We believe building sustainability provides a unique opportunity to build a brighter, smarter, better world for everyone. HotHouse makes positive change accessible and fun.