Our new major financial partners – Polestar!

This campaign celebrates1 Million Women's New Major Financial Partners - Polestar! 1 Million Women is so proud and excited to be partnering with Polestar, as we continue telling the EV Story.
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Our New Major Financial Partners – Polestar! 1 Million Women is so proud and excited to be partnering with Polestar, as we continue telling the EV Story.

Polestar is determined to improve the society we live in by accelerating the change towards a fully electric, climate-neutral future. With a dual focus on progressive design and cutting-edge technology, the Swedish car company is leading the way in creating 100% electric cars that deliver refined performance, whilst reducing the environmental impact. Polestar is committed to the use of technologies to realise solutions for a circular economy and ethical business practice, which can’t be achieved without transparency. As a brand, transparency is what sets Polestar apart from the rest. By using blockchain, the brand is committed to tracking and reporting on the impact of its supply chain by monitoring its CO2 emissions and ethical sourcing of risk minerals and materials. Polestar was the first car maker globally to use Blockchain technology to trace the Cobalt in its batteries.

Each year Polestar publishes a lifecycle assessment report on the Polestar 2 and shares the methodology with the industry. The report demonstrates that EVs have a long way to go before production becomes truly sustainable – but you have to start somewhere! Polestar’s moon-shot goal is to produce the world’s first truly climate neutral vehicle by 2030, currently dubbed the Polestar 0 Project. Australia recently joined the global call-out to universities and clever, innovative companies who might be able to help us on our journey.

Why we LOVE Polestar:
• They want to be fully transparent about sustainability, so you get the information you need to make informed, ethical choices.
• Carbon footprint reporting – the Polestar 2 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) reveals the car’s lifetime carbon footprint, covering emissions from materials production, manufacturing and logistics, use phase, and end of life. An LCA is a study done to determine the environmental impact of a product. It also provides a framework to measure said impact, along with steps towards a stated goal, such as how to make that product more sustainable. An LCA report shows the findings of this study.
• By being completely transparent about their methods and progress towards a climate-neutral future, Polestar aim to set a standard that others who want to make similar claims must follow.
• Ethically sourcing raw materials – Polestar are working to change how minerals are extracted and processed. They want them to be mined responsibly, with respect for human rights, local communities, and ecosystems. Polestar currently trace cobalt using blockchain, which can accurately track cobalt throughout their entire supply chain. This means its source, and the methods by which it’s extracted, processed and transported, can be regulated.
• Polestar take a holistic approach to sustainability, according to the scope set out by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. They continuously reassess and take action on all of their material issues, to ensure that they strive towards a positive impact.

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Our new major financial partners – Polestar!