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Disrupt Burrup Hub is a direct action campaign fighting to protect climate and culture from Woodside and other dirty polluters who operate at Murujuga on the Burrup Peninsula.
This campaign's vision is to keep gas in the ground, ensure WA has strong climate legislation, and for WA to go beyond gas. The campaign/movement is a broader initiative of CCWA.
The Wilderness Society is working with a range of local groups to build a different vision for the Kimberley – one that is based on protecting and respecting the region’s unique natural and cultural riches, not trying to impose outdated industrialisation on the landscape.
This unique and spectacular marine environment is under threat, with plans to turn the Great Australian Bight into an oil field. We’re taking it straight to the top, with a petition aimed at the Prime Minister calling on him to ban oil and gas development in the Great Australian Bight—now and into the future.
The Great Western Woodlands is at risk of suffering a ‘death by a thousand cuts’ – largely due to the fact that most of it has no conservation status at all. Our vision for the Great Western Woodlands is a healthy, intact bioregion jointly managed by its Traditional Owners, valued by local communities and free from the threat of large-scale destructive development.