Leave it on the Shelf

This campaign asks supporters to tell big supermarkets that if they try to sell us fruit and veg that’s pointlessly packaged, we’re going to leave it on the shelf and they won’t make money.
Big supermarkets stop packaging food with plastic that isn't needed.



On average, each of us throws away about 200kg of packaging each year. That’s 200kg of packaging that’s going to outlive all of us. We need to cut that number down, and a good place to start is with fruit and veg because often, they don’t need extra packaging in the first place. Some fruit and veg that are pre-peeled or pre-cut and in plastic packaging are necessary and important for people with disability. This petition does not include these products – we’re talking about a bunch of bananas in a plastic bag or a single apple in plastic wrap (if you would like to know about this more start by reading this, this and this). Let’s send big supermarkets all over the world a message that they’re forced to act on. If they try to sell us fruit and veg that’s pointlessly packaged, we’re going to leave it on the shelf and they won’t make money.

We’ll be sending our pledge (and the number of people who signed it) to the CEOs of the following supermarkets:
Coles (AUS)
Woolworths (Safeway) (AUS)
Aldi (AUS) (IRE)
Costco (AUS)
SPAR Australia
SPAR South Africa
Harris Farm (AUS)
Foodland (AUS)
Farmer Jack’s (AUS)
FoodWorks (AUS)
Pak’N’Save (NZ)
Countdown (NZ)
New World (NZ)
Fresh Choice (NZ)
Trader Joe’s (US)
Publix (US)
Albertsons (US)
Kowalskis (US)
Cub Foods (US)
River Market Co-op (US)
Safeway (US) (Can)
Haggen (US)
Sprouts Natural Market (US)
Farm Boy (Can)
Superstore (Can)
Food Basics (Can)
Loblaws (Can)
Concord Foods (Can)
Longos (Can)
Organic Garage (Can)
Ambrosia (Can)
Thrifty Foods (Can)
No Frills (Can)
Walmart (Can)
Save On Foods (Can)
Sobeys (Can)
Asda (UK)
Waitrose (UK)
Co-op (UK)
Tesco (UK) (IRE)
Sainsbury’s (UK)
Ocado (UK)
Morrisons (UK)
Marks & Spencer (UK)
SPAR Ireland
Centre (Ireland)
Lidl (Ireland)
Dunne’s (Ireland)
Supervalu (Ireland)
Wong (Peru)
Plaza Vea (Peru)
Vivanda (Peru)
Metro (Peru)
ICA (Sweden)
Willy’s (Sweden)
Albert Heijn (Netherlands)
Pak’N’Shop (Hong Kong)
Wellcome (Hong Kong)
CitySuper (Hong Kong)
AB Vassilopoulos (Greece)
Carrefours (Belgium)
Pick n Pay (South Africa)
Shoprite/Checkers (South Africa)
Fruit and Veg City (South Africa)
Food Lovers Market (South Africa)
Mercadona (ESP)
Caprabo (ESP)
New Leaf (CA)
Whole Foods (USA)
Trader Joes (USA)

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Anytime you’re out shopping for fresh produce and can’t buy something because it’s wrapped in plastic, vent your frustration by taking a photo and posting it online with the hashtag #LeaveItOnTheShelf OR send it to [email protected]

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Who this Campaign is Targeting: Big supermarkets

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Campaign Ran From: 2017 to 2024

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Leave it on the Shelf