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This campaign focuses on increasing and sustaining tree canopy cover in Adelaide, partly focusing on the climate change adaptation benefits of tree coverage.
In 2007, mining company Marathon Resources announced plans to mine uranium in Arkaroola. With the support of a broad cross section of the community and people from all political persuasions, the Wilderness Society campaigned to protect this amazing place since the moment bulldozers and drilling rigs arrived.
This unique and spectacular marine environment is under threat, with plans to turn the Great Australian Bight into an oil field. We’re taking it straight to the top, with a petition aimed at the Prime Minister calling on him to ban oil and gas development in the Great Australian Bight—now and into the future.
Almost 3000 of you signed the petition and Adelaide volunteers letterboxed thousands of solar homes. Now, the Australian Energy Regulator has rejected SA Power Network's application to charge unfair fees to solar owners.
To date, over 145,000 homes in South Australia have solar on our rooftops - that’s one in five homes now pumping clean safe energy into the grid each day!