Stop Adani SMBI Southern Moreton Bay Islands

The Southern Moreton Bay Islands (QLD) chapter of the Stop Adani movement.


SMBI Stop Adani group was formed to join the national fight to prevent the Adani coalmine being developed. This mine site would cover an area of 44,000 hectares of central Qld east of Gladstone. 29,000 hectares being open coal pit. The mine has been granted unlimited water rights and would draw millions of litres affecting the great artesian basin. The federal government proposes to use$1bn taxpayer funds to finance the building of a railway to carry the coal to the coast from where huge coal ships would take it via the Reef to India to be burnt for electricity. India is going renewable and denies wanting the coal, so the whole enterprise would be likely to go bankrupt and leave its mess for taxpayers to clean up.

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