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This campaign from Mackay Conservation Group worked to stop Adani's plans to extract billions of litres of water from our rivers and underground reservoirs every year to run their mega coal mine - threatening the livelihoods of farmers and regional communities.
The report “Draining the lifeblood: the impact of Galilee Basin coal mining on groundwater resources” exposes the failure of the Queensland and Federal Governments to assess the cumulative impacts of the mines or to heed warnings about the risk of impacts on the Great Artesian Basin.
This is Mackay Conservation Group's general Carmichael Coal Mine / Stop Adani campaign.
The StopAdani Kooyong team! We are making a difference in the campaign to deny Adani access to finance, insurance and the contractors it needs to help it build its disastrous Carmichael coal mine.
Galilee Blockade allows people to stay in their own region and still target companies and organisations in bed with Adani. We have already empowered numerous grassroots groups to form and self-organise by offering strategic, legal, and other support. All grassroots groups will be professionally trained to safely use disruption, direct action and blockade tactics.