Warrandyte Climate Action Now

WarrandyteCAN aims to build awareness for lobbying and personal action to reduce dangerous climate change temperature growth from toxic emissions. Based in VIC.


WarrandyteCAN aims to build awareness for lobbying and personal action to reduce dangerous climate change temperature growth from toxic emissions.

WarrandyteCAN has decided to take down its website and concentrate on the bigger issues that are affecting us all. We will now use Facebook as our main method of communication. We will still provide information forums when important issues need to be brought to our community’s attention. We welcome anyone who is interested in the future of our planet to join our committee and do something positive for mankind.

Who We Are
Published on Wednesday, 05 August 2009 02:54
Residents Climate Action Group | WarrandyteCAN

Warrandyte Climate Action Now (CAN) is a voluntary residents Association for climate action, formed in early 2007. It aims to:
Communicate with the local community on the urgent need to take immediate action on climate change, to raise awareness and help empower people to act to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Association seeks to achieve its objective in the following ways-
• Focussing on the problem of global warming and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
• Involving households, businesses, schools and other institutions in sustainability programs involving energy, water, land and other resources.
• Lobbying to encourage political action at all levels
• Conducting education and awareness programs
• Networking with, and where appropriate, supporting local, national and international organizations with similar objectives, and
• Working with the media to promote the ideas of sustainability and sustainable practices.

WarrandyteCAN has held a number of information evenings on a variety of action-focused topics such as solar power and hot water, building design and glazing. It also hosts a very well supported annual Sustainability Expo with up to 1000 attendees. Since inception, around 600 supporters and members have joined, mainly from Warrandyte and surrounds. They are emailed to advise of an event, or when we need support on activities or when we join with other climate action groups on their campaigns involving rallying, lobbying, fundraising, letterbox dropping and projects like Earth Hour promotion.

WarrandyteCAN is always seeking new members and supporters to help either occasionally or regularly in developing ideas, preparing for Information night topics, running educational programs, promotion and of course to participate in events. Members can express their views and contribute at any time via commenting online, phone, email or by meeting with the Committee. Like all voluntary Associations we are fully stretched with the limited resources of a five person Committee and we welcome your support . Members are encouraged to recommend projects and contribute their specific interest, knowledge and or skills to new areas of sustainability. To become a Member Register Here. To become a Supporter Register Here.

The inaugural and still current Committee as at July 7, 2011 comprises the following positions and members:
President: Wayne Rankin | Secretary: Graeme Jameson | Treasurer: David Tonkin | Committee Member: Libby Skeels | Committee Member: Jill Dixon | Committee Member: . Elections are held annually at the AGM in November each year. For more information on the Association and Committee reports review the Annual Reports. View the Annual Strategic Plan.

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