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What started as an Aussie grassroots movement has grown into the world’s biggest movement for climate change. Our actions on climate change will shape the future for our children.
TweedCAN has facilitated the installation of 1000’s solar panels, encouraged Divestment, provided information, written submissions to government reports and driven lasting community initiatives in sustainability and resilience
After a ten year campaign the NSW State Government announced in May 2010, they could NOT proceed with their plans to operate an open cut coal mine. However, the decision only referred to an open cut mine. NOT an underground mine. In February 2012, Bickham Coal Company announced plans to investigate underground mining.
Unfortunately, this campaign is lost in 2014 when the breakwall was constructed by the local council, a large rocky structure was placed right on the point through the surf zone.
This campaign opposed the plan from Woodside Petroleum and the WA Premier to turn Broome into an oil and gas town by building gas refineries on the coast at James Price Point (JPP), 50km north of Cable Beach