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Join TMR - a local community group aiming to build resilience and cooperation in the Margaret River region (WA) to create a happier, more sustainable future! Part of the Transition movement.


Join TMR – a local community group aiming to build resilience and cooperation in the Margaret River region to create a happier, more sustainable future! Who we are & what we do: Transition Margaret River (TMR) is a supportive network of diverse groups and individuals with interests in a sustainable future. Everyone is welcome! TMR provides inspiration, information exchange and practical support.

What’s it all about?
‘Transition’ describes the era of change we are all living in. TMR is about being an engaged, active part of that change! We encourage people to join TMR on the journey to becoming a more cooperative and resilient community. We’re interested in small local projects that reduce energy and resource use and that focus on creativity, sharing and fun to generate an inclusive, dynamic and sustainable community.

In 2011, 70+ people interested in progressing regional sustainability projects met in Blue Ginger Cafe to exchange ideas. We then morphed into TMR and became an officially recognised Transition Town in November 2012.

Our network
To support and achieve common goals, we have good links with key local groups including the Regional Environment Centre, Organic Garden Volunteers, High School Farm, MR Permaculture Group, Slow Food, Surfrider Foundation, Climate Change Action Group, Fair Harvest, Tingrith Meeting House and Cape to Cape Catchments Group. Our members include a range of individuals with common interests in sustainable living, healthy food, gardening, energy, permaculture, community arts, building design, upcycling, education, well-being and nature conservation. On a wider scale, we also are part of WA’s Southwest Transition Network, as well a link in the chain of the global Transition Towns movement.

Ongoing projects
Include initiatives such as a Local Exchange Trading System (LETS), Open Studio program; productive street verge project; monthly ‘Swap Shuffle Share’ seed, plant and produce sharing (every 3rd Saturday at Fair Harvest); and discussions on bike paths. In October 2013, we plan to host a Garden ‘T’ Party in the Organic Garden as part of a Family Street Fiesta celebration with a recycling theme!

Past activities
Include events like the community presentation by Canadian economist Nicole Foss on ‘peak oil and the financial crisis’; Margaret River Agricultural Show display; screening of the Sundance 2010 award-winner ‘Obselidia’; involvement in ForeverGreen an organic afFAIR; and frequent film and bring-a-plate social gatherings. Join us! Whatever level your participation – you’re most welcome! You can ‘Like’ this page to stay in the loop, sign up for our newsletter, or come along to a monthly meeting. To join our newsletter list, please send us a private message with your email address, or contact [email protected] Thank you for your interest in TMR 🙂

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