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The Total Environment Centre (TEC) believes in a fairer, greener world for all. Together we are conserving our ecosystems, maintaining clean water, fighting pollution, and protecting our biodiversity- for a brighter greener future.


The Total Environment Centre (TEC) believes in a fairer, greener world for all. We’ve worked with you for over 40 years to preserve the ecosystems that support living landscapes and healthy communities across Australia. With over 100 eco victories behind us, and more community-focused campaigns ahead, TEC has the roadmap for our journey into the future. Come with us!

Originally TEC was formed by the save the national park and rainforests movement of the 1970s, which naturally segued into our work to preserve clean air and stop coastal sand mining. Today we still care about trees, supporting communities as they struggle to conserve precious parks and bushland. We also push for recycling infrastructure to protect our waterways and oceans from plastic pollutants, and sturdy legislation around native animals and plants to ensure food and water security for future Australians. We advocate for renewable energy by encouraging innovation, a more flexible modern energy market, and incentivising government investment. These are the building blocks of a sustainable Australia. Under the stewardship of our executive director Jeff Angel, TEC has remained a lean, independent and campaign-focused not-for-profit, with a reputation for calm measured policy advice, persistent campaigning and integrity, equal to none. Jeff is also the Convenor of the Boomerang Alliance, one of Australia’s most successful recycling campaign groups.

As NSW MP, Michael Daley, said in Parliament in mid 2016 – “You can’t buy Jeff Angel.”

In recent years TEC’s award winning educational communications projects – the documentary film Waste Not, the mobile Ocean Action POD, and the HotHouse event series – have expanded our traditional campaign activities across social media and other platforms into schools, universities, art galleries and public festivals. Total Environment Centre is an incorporated non-profit association and a registered charity. We rely on donations to keep campaigning for a fairer, greener world. All donations over $2 to TEC are tax deductible. Do you believe in our campaigns? You can make sure that this vital work continues by donating today.

TEC is a completely independent, non-profit organisation which believes protecting our environment and its natural assets is the best way to ensure a prosperous sustainable future for all Australians and our natural heritage. Together we can transition to a greener fairer world. We empower community groups, commission independent research, and engage with the media, stakeholders and decision makers by constructive debate. Our long term advocacy campaigns support systemic change and raise public awareness. With an eye on positive future outcomes, we set the agenda on emerging environmental issues at local, state and national levels. We are an independent voice for positive environmental change, and to remain independent we will always assert our right to advocacy without fear or favour. Our campaigns and projects run on grassroots donations from people like you, and every gift you give over $2 is tax deductible. Click here to donate for a prosperous, sustainable future for all of Australia.

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