Sustainable Jamboree

Promote and encourage a more sustainable living, commuting and working environment within the Jamboree Ward (QLD).


Sustainable Jamboree is only as good as the people who join in. It’s free and as easy as getting onto our e-news list! Just contact us or join via our Facebook page. There are plenty of volunteer roles available, events and help available if you’re interested in creating a more sustainable community.

What is Sustainable Jamboree?
We are a local community group in the Brisbane City Council Ward of Jamboree (in the Centenary suburbs) and surrounds. However, you don’t have to be a local. Everyone is invited to help educate, activate and facilitate towards a more sustainable community in partnership with households, schools and businesses. We also advocate to government (see our advocacy link). Sustainable Jamboree was established in 2006 by Felicity Farmer, the then Councillor for the Jamboree Ward of Brisbane. The group emerged following a community forum attended by hundreds.

The group seeks to:
• Respond to community concern about impending climate change, environmental degradation, and loss of biodiversity by
• encouraging and where possible empowering Jamboree residents to reduce their individual ecological footprint, and
• encouraging local businesses to adopt sustainability as a corporate value; and
• Respond to community anxiety, loss of community interconnectedness, and other social concerns through stronger integration of societal issues with regional planning and development initiatives.

Sustainable Jamboree activities include:
• Local seminars and events to educate, support and network organisations and individuals on ways to reduce their carbon footprint – including plans to run workshops in the ‘Low Carbon Diet’ in partnership with the Queensland Government
• Partnerships with local schools to reduce their carbon footprint and develop the climate change leaders of the future
• Advocacy for sustainability in partnership with the media, planners, politicians, businesses and other organisations
• The Sustainable Jamboree Energy Savers’ Club and Annual Energy Savers’ Awards
• An e-newsletter including handy tips, events, campaigns, research, emerging issues and other sustainability news.

Sustainable Jamboree’s committee will meet at Mt Ommaney Library. We’re always looking for new contributors to run or support projects or contribute advice and/or skills like business practice, graphic design, marketing, urban and social planning, supporting schools, community building, etc. The committee’s Terms of Reference include these strategies:
1. Promote and encourage a more sustainable living, commuting and working environment within the Jamboree Ward
2. Promote and facilitate the empowerment of individuals to change their lifestyles, attitudes, and outlook for sustainability
3. Promote the inclusion by local businesses of sustainability as a corporate value
4. Promote less motor vehicle dependence within the community
5. Ensure that government policy and programs are not in conflict with Sustainability Jamboree aims;
6. Become the recognised and credible point of reference for community comment and facilitation of consultation on government initiatives that impact on the district
7. Promote and encourage a safer, healthier, and more connected community that builds social capital within Jamboree
8. Communicate regularly with the Jamboree community

Sustainable Jamboree does not have a formal membership joining system but participants are encouraged to register with this website or our facebook group. Sustainable Jamboree has around 10 active core organisers/advisers, many of whom represent other local groups. There are around 300 on our mailing list. Over 900 signed our petition in 2008 for safe walking and cycling. Click on contact us from the main menu to get in touch. Please note that Sustainable Jamboree does not necessarily endorse the contents of this website and Sustainable Jamboree takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the website content. Sustainable Jamboree does not give advice or endorsements. While its members have some expertise, readers should make their own judgements about ideas expressed on this website.

Note: This descriptive text was copied from the Group's website. Some website links may no longer be active.

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