Move Beyond Coal

Move Beyond Coal is a group that is drawing a line in the sand. Banks and financial institutions need to stop funding coal and climate chaos immediately.


Australia has a big coal problem. Australia is one of the world’s largest exporters of coal – the number one cause of climate change. Right now, corporations are planning to dig more new coal projects in Australia than anywhere else on the planet. It doesn’t matter where Australia’s coal is burned, people everywhere are facing the impacts here and now, with catastrophic floods, bushfires, heat waves, droughts, and more extreme weather events. We have a responsibility to act.

People power is the solution
• We can still protect a liveable world – but we need to act NOW.
• Stand with First Nations peoples: When First Nations peoples are free to care for and protect their lands and waters, it benefits all people, animals, and ecosystems.
• Keep coal in the ground: The science is unequivocal. For any chance at preserving a safe climate, we must stop coal expansion immediately, and phase out coal by 2030.
• Not Another Dollar for Coal: We’re drawing a line in the sand. Banks and financial institutions need to stop funding coal and climate chaos immediately.

Why Move Beyond Coal
Step up to our responsibilities: The coal industry claims that Australia is only responsible for a small amount of the world’s emissions. The truth is, when you account for all the coal and gas we dig up and send overseas, Australia is responsible for 5% of global emissions. From the Pacific Islands and the Torres Strait, to Bangladesh and India, communities on the frontlines of climate change have been calling on wealthy, big polluters like Australia to step up for decades. It’s time for us to answer that call. With this responsibility comes great opportunity to ensure a safer future. Moving beyond coal will help protect Australia from worse floods and fires, and prevent our coal from fuelling unjust climate chaos around the globe.

Stand with First Nations people: Australia is home to the oldest continuing culture in the world. But right now, mining projects are at risk of destroying thousands of cultural heritage sites. The recent destruction by Rio Tinto of the 46,000 year old caves at Juukan Gorge in Western Australia was deeply hurtful to the Puutu Kunti Kurrama and Pinikura people, and shocking to us all. The reality is that mining companies routinely damage and disturb Aboriginal culture and sacred sites under existing laws. Aboriginal people should have the final say over what happens on their land. Across this continent, First Nations people are leading fights to protect Country and demanding the right to say NO to destructive projects on their land. We must stand with them.

Protect nature and animals: Coal mining is driving Australia’s extinction crisis. Clearing land for mining kills plants and animals and destroys habitat of threatened species like the koala and great glider. Burning coal also drives climate change, which is having a devastating impacts on the Great Barrier Reef. Moving beyond coal means we can protect precious wildlife and biodiversity for generations to come.

Take back our democracy: For too long, the coal lobby has poisoned our democracy with millions in political donations, billion dollar PR campaigns, and a revolving door between jobs in the coal industry and jobs in politics. As a result, our governments have no plan to move Australia beyond coal. Together, we must take back our democracy from billionaire coal corporations who are risking our health and safety for short term profits.

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