Hepburn Renewable Energy Association

Hepburn renewable energy association hrea was established in 2005 in VIC, with the intention to build Australias first community-owned wind farm.


Hepburn renewable energy association hrea was established in 2005, with the intention to build Australias first community owned wind farm.

The association was started by a small group of local residents, who with the support of over 400 members and a partnership with Future Energy, were able to gain planning permission for a small community wind park in 2007. The project, now being developed by Hepburn Wind Cooperative www.hepburnwind.com.au and Future Energy www.futureenergy.com.au , consists of two modern, 2 Megawatt MW turbines, situated at Leonards Hill in the Hepburn Shire. The energy produced by the turbines will be equivilant to supply over 2000 homes and represents a saving of 14,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. The community wind park project received $975,000 in funding from Sustainability Victoria and will be fully operational by the end of 2009.

Cultivating sustainable community. Following the handover for the development of the wind park to Hepburn Wind, hrea has gone through a period of reflection and reformation, redefining its goals, beyond the boundaries of the wind park project. With a new focus on cultivating sustainable community and showcasing sustainable local initiatives, hrea is currently building a new website platform and networks within the shire.

Core Strategy 1
• Create a Sustainable Organisation
• Build and connect with membership
• Create working groups
• Communicate regularly

Core Strategy 2
• Be the ears and voice of sustainability
• Create a useful website
• Produce regular newsletters / Green News
• Connect with Council

Core Strategy
• Connecting and catalysing local sustainability initiatives. We support what is happening by an agreed selection criteria that fit our core values. We make it happen.

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