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Healthy Soils is a group that wants to increase the amount of land in Australia, and globally, being transitioned to regenerative farming.


We – Healthy Soils Australia – are a network of great number of leading innovative farmers, scientists and advocates. We want to increase the amount of land in Australia, and globally, being transitioned to regenerative farming. We are catalysts who work with others to provide soil related solutions to address their priorities and outcomes. Predominantly we have done, and continue to do this by:
establishing what innovative farmers and graziers are doing, in their individual ways, to create healthy soils.
becoming an integrator voice for all individuals and organisations with healthy soils on their agenda.
raising awareness about healthy soils – providing free access to a wide range of reliable and relevant research, practical information, and discussion on soil remediation solutions at conferences and at regional workshops
promoting the recognition of the capital value of sequestered soil carbon and a fair price for land managers.
presenting soil related issues to government, business and the community, such as scientific and relevant information to National Advocate for Soil Health former Governor General Michael Jeffery.
writing explanatory briefs on how we rehydrate and cool our planet through sustainable agriculture.

Some of our highlights from the last few years include: – working with leading farmers to create business innovation plans. – guiding, supporting, facilitating and enabling our partner Soils for Life to compile Case Studies. – collaborating with Future Directions International to outline a vision to Regenerate Australia – running a session at Global Soils Week in Berlin – being a Founding Partner to the 4p1000 Initiative, a global initiative to increase soil carbon by 0.4% so as to combat food and water insecurity, and climate change – being part of the Farmer’s Delegation at the COP21 Paris Climate Talks at the invitation of Regeneration International, see Healthy Soils Australia is small self-funded NGO with a big reach. We represent a network of innovative farmers, scientists, environmentalists and advocates. For the past 12 years we have consolidated ecological and agribusiness research, distilled these into commercial regeneration solutions and undertaken outreach, training, mentoring and advocacy. This year we have joined with partners to begin commercialization of our learnings, so we can contribute more towards bringing regeneration to scale globally.

Our History
Healthy Soils Australia (HSA) was formed in 2005 by a group of scientists and soil advocates who were passionate about the benefits of healthy soils. One notable member was Walter Jehne a soil microbiologist who did research at the CSIRO Australia. There is a large amount information in Walter’s presentations on YouTube and they are very informative.

In the past HSA engaged with the Federal Government and the Department of Agriculture in the early days to bring about awareness of the benefits of healthy soils and the potential of agricultural practices that facilitated the sequestering of soil carbon. We have attended forums and conferences internationally, to create awareness of the vital need for healthy living soils and to create a “soil carbonsponge”.

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