Gecko Environment Council

We are a group advocating for a vibrant Gold Coast community where people and animals, plants, water, air and earth all form a healthy, harmonious system.


Gecko Environment Council Association Incorporated, formally known as Gold Coast and Hinterland Environment Council, was founded in 1989 when representatives of six local conservation groups joined together. On 29th October 2019, Gecko celebrated a milestone of turning 30 years young! The organisation was envisioned to work for the care, protection and conservation of the natural environment and the improvement of the built environment so that it would become more ecologically sustainable. Gecko began in a small room loaned by the Currumbin Sanctuary and remained there until 1994, when the members moved across the road to an old shed and renovated it to house an office and library.

In 1996, Gecko had the opportunity to buy the second Currumbin State School building on the banks of Currumbin Estuary and Gecko House was born! This gave members a meeting hall and an office, which served it well. In 2001, Centenary of Federation grant money became available and an ambitious renovation resulted in the Gecko House of today. Nowadays Gecko House has an office, kitchen and guest lounge for Gecko volunteers, partner organisations and environmental groups to utilise downstairs. There is a community hall upstairs available for hire. Gecko has grown from a small group to an effective organisation grappling with the many issues confronting our City and its environment as the population continues to grow at a rapid rate. We can only continue our work with the commitment and involvement of its members, staff, volunteers, donors and supporters and we gratefully acknowledge their support.

To see what Gecko has done recently, you can find our Annual Report 2019-2020 here.

Gecko’s Vision
A vibrant Gold Coast community where people and animals, plants, water, air and earth all form a healthy, harmonious system.

Gecko’s Mission Statement
To actively promote, conserve and restore the natural environment and improve the sustainability of the built environment of the Gold Coast region in partnership with our member groups and the wider community.

Gecko’s aims and objectives
The objects for which the organisation is established aim:
• To promote the conservation, protection and restoration of our world’s environment along sound ecological principles
• To protect and preserve ecological sustainability and encourage this as a goal for all facets of society
• To educate and inform all sections of our community in the values of conservation, preservation and protection of our environment
• To encourage and promote personal, public and government care of the environment
• To advocate by any peaceful means, any individual group, company or government to cease exploitative ecologically unsafe practices and to urgently seek, then implement alternatives
• To support, cooperate and affiliate with organisations engaged in activities that support the Associations aims.

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