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Fracking Awareness Irwin Region is a community group focusing on unconventional gas mining.


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Hi guys! So all is quiet on the fracking front? But it seems the Mid West is set to become the Australian front line of carbon capture and storage. Pilot Energy’s Cliff Head CCS project will enable fossil fuel projects to keep polluting at best. At worst it won’t work (Chevron’s Gorgon case in point) and could see the Midwest emissions soar. CCS only captures well emissions. The bulk of emissions occur when the gas is burnt. It’s all more infrastructure that could be left stranded and polluting in Dongara and the Midwest. Renewables will displace gas much more quickly than most believe leaving taxpayers to clean up broke gas company infrastructure. Don’t believe the gas company hype! Also be concerned about all gas wells not just fracked. 1 in 10 well casings fail in the US. All gas wells pass through your ground water! Cement and steel don’t last forever. End rant for now…

New article about the impacts of unconventional gasfields on landholders in se Queensland. Farmers in areas with shale and tight gasfields in the US report mostly the same issues, and there’s more and more scientific evidence to back up the stories that have been emerging for 10 years.

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