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After years of campaigning, the community of Broome, local Indigenous groups, and people from all over Australia and the world breathed a collective sigh of relief when Woodside Petroleum pulled the pin on their destructive gas hub project planned for James Price Point in the Kimberley.
The Wilderness Society worked with the local community to protect Ningaloo and set a national precedent on marine conservation. The Ningaloo reef is unique in its beauty and diversity, but also in its closeness to shore, making it a special place where you can walk in on the beach, put your head under water and enter a 'marine rainforest'
The Wilderness Society is working with a range of local groups to build a different vision for the Kimberley – one that is based on protecting and respecting the region’s unique natural and cultural riches, not trying to impose outdated industrialisation on the landscape.
Surfrider Foundation Australia campaign for an extension to the Marine Park in Ningaloo National Park, Western Australia.
They want to put a gas hub through the worlds largest Humpback nursery! The Western Australian Government, headed up by WA Premier Colin Barnett is pushing ahead with gas factories at James Price Point, north of Broome on one of the world’s most pristine coastlines.