Frack Free Cervantes

We are a group of Community Members who are concerned about FRACKING


Frack Free Cervantes Facebook Page & the Cervantes Action Group were formed in 2014, by a group of Community Members who are concerned about FRACKING.

WATCH THIS – only 2 minutes long – worth watching! When you consider that there are no buffer zones planned for our towns it makes you realise that this can happen ANYWHERE – even your own backyard!!!

Cervantes Action Group Meeting tonight 6pm at Cervantes Lodge. Cervantes Action Group will be holding a meeting at 6pm at Cervantes Lodge, Seville Street. Come along and see what you can do to help stop fracking ruining our local environment.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this page – pages like this can send a strong message to the Shire and to the Mining Companies that there is opposition to Fracking in our area. The council have stated in a letter “While Council is aware that the issue of fracking is topical and a concern to some residents in the Shire, there is no evidence that supports that this is the view of the community majority of residents and ratepayers within the Shire” Please help us by giving the Shire the evidence they need!

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