Coffs Catchment Coalition

We aim to ensure appropriate and sustainable development in the Orara Valley.


We aim to ensure appropriate and sustainable development in the Orara Valley. Our immediate Goal is to stop mining. We are a group of local residents who are very concerned about plans to mine for gold in the Orara Valley. Please join us to protect this unique natural environment including the water supply for the valley and Coffs Harbour.

The Coffs Catchment Coalition (CCC or just C3) was formed in late 2012 by concerned residents of the Orara Valley and Coffs Harbour areas in response to the impending environmental threats to the area. These threats come from a number of areas. Initially we came together over the exploration licence held by Australia United Mining. Many of our members are also concerned at the proliferation of coal seam gas (CSG) wells and support neighbouring groups where CSG exploration is actively underway.

About the Coffs Catchment Coalition Inc
Threats to the sustainability of life in the Orara Valley include:
• mining
• polluting industry
• inappropriate waste management
• invasive species
• clearing of native vegetation
• over use of pesticides, herbicides and fertiliser
• changing land use
• erosion
• human and animal contamination
• bushfires
• removal of wetland areas
The CCC may become involved in these areas as new threats become an issue. The objects of our Association are “To ensure any planning and development in the region is sustainable in nature and to promote environmental conservation”.

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