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Transition Bellingen started in February of 2008, as part of an international network of Transition groups that are working to create resilient and strong communities by RE-LOCALISING production of food, energy and other resources, RE-LEARNING old skills that can be used in our modern way of life, and RE-CONNECTING all sectors of the community. Based in NSW.
Repower Coffs is a community renewable energy group based on the Coffs Coast, NSW, Australia. We spread solar power and energy efficiency in our community.
Lock the Gate Mid North Coast works to highlight the risks of mineral mining in our coastal water catchments. We engage in networking for national water protection and advocate for urgent climate action in Australia.
Knitting Nannas Gas Coffs Harbour Loop commenced on 14 April and we’re pretty pleased with the engagement so far. We meet outside the Forestry Corp offices in Coffs each Friday – 8.30 to 9.30.
Knitting Nannas peacefully and productively protest against the destruction of our land, air, and water by corporations and/or individuals who seek profit and personal gain from the short-sighted and greedy plunder of our natural resources.