Strengthening the Climate Safeguards Mechanism

This was DCAN's branch of the national campaign on strengthening the climate safeguard mechanism, led by CANA.
To strengthen the climate safeguard mechanism to force the biggest polluting companies to make real cuts to their carbon emissions.


DCAN was proud to play a very active part in this national campaign coordinated by Climate Action Network Australia (CANA). The campaign helped shift the dial to a stronger (albeit far from perfect) Safeguards Mechanism to force the biggest polluting companies to make real cuts to their carbon emissions
Together with a number of local climate groups, DCAN visited the Melbourne headquarters of some of the biggest polluters – ExxonMobil, Shell and BHP – to present them with a letter of demands which was followed up by weekly leafletting outside their offices. We also teamed up with Newlands Parents for Climate Action, Climate4Change, Neighbours United for Climate Action (NUCA) and Friends of the Earth to meet with local MP Ged Kearney, where we called on her to advocate for stronger safeguards within the Federal Labor parliamentary caucus.

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Campaign Details

Group Leading this Campaign: Darebin Climate Action Now

Campaign Target Type: , ,

Who this Campaign is Targeting: ExxonMobil, Shell and BHP, MP Ged Kearny, Federal Labor parliamentary caucus

Groups - Other: Climate Action Network Australia,

Main Issue of the Campaign:

Campaign Ran From: 2023 to 2023

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Strengthening the Climate Safeguards Mechanism