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This was DCAN's branch of the national campaign on strengthening the climate safeguard mechanism, led by CANA.
Much of the landscapes and diversity of life in the Great Australian Bight is unknown to the world. It is Sea Shepherd’s aim to showcase what we would all lose if BP were allowed to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight and had another Gulf of Mexico, Deep Water Horizon oil spill of lesser or equal value.
Our opposition to new coal mines and our support for renewable energy are based on the fact that carbon emissions, primarily from coal-fired electricity generation, drive climate change. one current focus is starving coal mining companies of funds through divestment initiatives, e.g. Kittens for the Reef, a NQCC project. At the same time, we need to work on adaptation and other aspects of mitigation.
Mackay Conservation Group and Lock the Gate have begun a campaign to address the serious issue of mine rehabilitation. In order to ensure that mines are properly rehabilitated we need your help to put pressure on mining companies and the Queensland Government.
AGL has 17,000 square kilometres of exploration area. The Broke area is only 72 square kilometres. Sydney Gas say that at least 70% of that is unavailable to them because of houses, orchards, vineyards, waterways, etc., so we are only asking that 21 or so square kilometres be protected from their gas field. Please put a sign on your fence.