Stop the Adani Coal mine

This campaign asks supporters to get active in their community and help tell Westpac, ANZ, and CommBank to rule out Adani’s plans.
Stop Adani, and stop banks from funding Adani.


Adani is back! And so are their plans to build Australia’s largest coal mine in the middle of Queensland – a mine that will wreck the Reef and cook the climate. With the Queensland and Federal governments capitulating to every one of Adani’s needs – including $1 billion of taxpayer funds and all the free water the mine needs – it’s never been more important to come together and stop this megamine.

Already, Adani is putting runs on the board:
• The Queensland government now has the power to fast-track the mine
• Our Federal government is gearing up to hand Adani $1 billion in in taxpayer funds for the project
• Adani has downsized the project so needs several billion dollars less to get this megamine built
• A loan for $1 billion from the State Bank of India appears to be back from the dead
• The Queensland government exempt Adani from their new water laws meaning Carmichael is welcome to as much free water as it needs.

Now, Adani needs money. Many of the world’s largest banks have already ruled out funding this dangerous coal mine. Yet despite committing to avoid dangerous warming, three of Australia’s big four banks are yet to do the same. That’s why we are calling on Australia’s banks to say no to Adani. Already NAB has said no. ANZ have suggested they aren’t likely to fund it at this point – but haven’t ruled it out. CommBank and Westpac have not confirmed where they stand.
We need you to get active in your community and help us tell Westpac, ANZ, and CommBank to rule out Adani’s plans. Follow the link below to sign up to the new campaign, and we’ll make sure you are the first to know about it when it launches in January 2017. Let’s #StopAdani! (sourced from[2/03/2017 8:20:39 AM])

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Group Leading this Campaign: Australia

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Who this Campaign is Targeting: Adani. Australian banks Westpac, ANZ, and CommBank.

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Campaign Ran From: 2017 to 2024

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Outcome Evidence: Coal is being mined by 2021. As stated in the The Guardian "Adani is poised to ship its first coal – is this failure for Australia’s defining climate campaign?" Dec 2021 article: 'The Guardian asked Adani Australia when it expected to export its first coal from the Carmichael mine and requested an interview with its chief executive, Lucas Dow. A spokeswoman sent a short statement, saying: “The Carmichael Mine is on track to export coal in 2021.”' (sourced from 28/12/2021)

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Stop the Adani Coal mine