Transition Nambour

Transition Nambour is a local group of the Transition movement, based in Nambour, QLD. It is a newly formed group of people interested in planning for a more resilient, sustainable future.


Transition Town – Sunshine Coast meets every Saturday morning at 10 am at Homegrown Cafe Tin Shed in Palmwoods. Supporting the regional transition from oil dependency to local resilience – welcome to Transition Sunshine Coast.

A Transition group, is a grassroots network of people representing a town or a community. It aims to build or encourage local resilience in response to global economic collapse, peak oil and climate change. Transition Sunshine Coast is a meeting place for existing and future transition towns and communities in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Region Australia. Transition was founded on the principles of Permaculture. It uses David Holmgren’s 2003 book, Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability as its foundational text. The techniques outlined by Holmgren were applied by Transition founders, to a wide compliment of human endeavours. A Transition group works through ‘initiatives’. Someone will propose an idea for a project. If the group is behind it and gets it happening then that enterprise is spun off and establishes an independent life of its own. The core group is free then to help initiate something else. Transition here and elsewhere is finding its way, inventing itself as it goes along. In its very nature it needs to respond to change quickly and be open to criticisms and suggested new directions.

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