The Tree Projects

“We are a husband and wife team that create engaging information-rich content to aid in public education and the conservation of giant trees and their forests" Based in TAS.


• THE AGE OF DISCOVERY (FILM): The Tasmanian Big Tree Hunters 2 film is in the editing stage and due for release early in 2023.
• HUON VALLEY’S GROVE OF GIANTS: Our campaign to save this giant forest from logging and transform it into the pride of Tasmania’s southern forests.
• TASMANIA’S FOREST CARBON (FILM): Exactly how much carbon emissions are generated from native forest logging? Due for release November 2022

“We are a husband and wife team that create engaging information-rich content to aid in public education and the conservation of giant trees and their forests“.

We have three goals
• Education: We provide a range of resources to educational platforms and media outlets both international and domestic. This can take the form of stunning photo and video projects but also scale up to live-streaming, media appearances and on location media events.
• Advocacy: The worlds big trees are the base from which we share our wilderness experiences with the world. We engage with government, corporate and private stakeholders to champion the shear grander of forests. Protection of our last remaining wild places and these forest icons though powerful visual stories backed up by solid scientific analysis.
• Inspiration: We want to bring everyone with us on our big tree adventures. Our programs like the Hobart Recreational Tree Climbing Club, Tasmanian Big Tree Register and Big Tree State are free to all. Our goal is to facilitate each individuals journey of forest discovery by removing as many social or economic barriers as possible.

The Tree Projects use innovative film and photography methods to raise awareness about the world’s significant trees and the forests in which they reside. We bring you beautiful imagery of the trees from a unique perspective, which allows people to experience a rainforest from above the forest floor. The signature element of our project is a ‘tree portrait’ of a significant tree. When large forest trees are viewed from the ground, it is often impossible to get a true sense of the size of the tree, as the top of the tree is often obscured from view. We install a specialised camera rigging system which runs the entire vertical length of the tree and takes a photo every metre. These photos are then stitched together to create a portrait of the tree from a level viewpoint without visual distortion. The projects also contain many other innovative content such as virtual reality tours of the canopy, aerial photography and timelaspe and hyperlapse video. Our content is designed for educational purposes and is used for museum exhibition and for magazine articles. We hope to educate people about the importance of forests but allowing them to view trees from a new perspective.

• 2015: The New Zealand Tree Project
• 2016: The Tasmanian Tree Project.

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