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Phillip Bay branch of the Sustainability Street appraoch.


Quoting from the Sustainability Street Institute website: “the Sustainability Street Approach view is that the two greatest challenges facing our species in all of our human history are to 1 – get along better with each other and 2 – get along better with all the other life forms. Getting together and enjoying each other’s company is hard wired into the human motherboard. When we do team up and co-operate the results are astounding!! A Victoria University three year evaluation reported Sustainability Street Communities achieving an astounding 49% greenhouse gas reduction (among an array of other sustainability accomplishments) and a salve for the times: each other & nature “I can’t clean up the whole world, but I can sure clean up my little bit of it!”

Most folks in community don’t have access to the big environmental stuff like Copenhagen, fish stock diminution, land salinity, etc, etc. However research shows that people are deeply concerned (perhaps bordering on traumatised?) about the state of the wider environment. Working together and creating projects locally for a better future, with like minded friends and neighbours provides a huge comfort and produces serious eco-results.” Sustainability Street Phillip Bay is defined by a triangle of residential blocks bounded by Elaroo Ave, Yarra Rd and Bunnerong Rd/Anzac Pde, as well as the houses that run along Yarra Rd from Bunnerong Rd to Yarra Bay Bicentennial Park. This area contains about 215 residences.

After starting with just two other households, Leeanne and I, along with our our immediate neighbours Anna and Indra, to the northwest, and Gareth and Maria, to the west, initiated Sustainability Street Phillip Bay. We now have up to ten households interested in participating in Sustainability Street Phillip Bay activities after holding several events since September 2009. Please look at the other pages on this site to learn about our story and what we’ve been doing. Also, please click on the title and you’ll hear my composition, Susty St en Regalia, composed for all Sustainability Streets across Australia!! Let’s celebrate the renewal of community for a positive and hopeful future!!

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