Surfrider Foundation Southern Tasmania

The Southern Tasmania branch of the Surfrider Foundation.


Surfrider Southern Tasmania aims to inspire and engage Tasmania’s surfing and coastal communities who are passionate about protecting our oceans and coastlines. We are dedicated to raising awareness and engaging our community to advocate for sustainable management and use of our coastal areas. As an Island state, we have a diverse community of surfers, fisherman and women, divers, explorers and beach combers. Surfrider Southern Tasmania is committed to bringing these community’s together to make a positive impact for our oceans, marine life and coastlines. Surfrider Southern Tasmania was formed in 2021 due to a cumulation of impacts and industrialisation threatening our coasts and surf breaks.

In recent years we have seen large changes to our ocean ecosystems all around the state. On the East Coast we have lost 95% of our ancient giant kelp forests, due to climate change. We have had dead zones from nutrification of salmon farming in Macquarie Harbour on our West Coast. Fisherman have reported huge reductions in fish and invertebrate stocks from the impacts of seismic testing up and down our coastline. In addition, last year (2020) we saw the largest whale stranding in Australia’s history, with over 400 whales beached. Today, we are saying enough is enough. As an inclusive group we strive to help communities around Tasmania rise up, share their voice and protect what we love. Photography by Aristo Risi @aristorisi

Surfers around Tasmania were heavily involved with the Fight For The Bight campaign with several protest events held around the state. From the efforts and insipration of surfers at Park Beach, Clifton and Hobart all holding paddle out protests in opposition of Equinor, Surfrider Southern Tasmania has been formed.

June 15th 2021 saw the Australian government announced that a new 80,000km2 of our oceans will be released for oil and gas exploration. For Tassie these new leases are zoning in on King Island and our beautiful west coast. Early this week the senate released its report on the impact of seismic testing on fisheries and the marine environment. This inquiry found that seismic blasts from South Australia were heard in Antarctica, among other alarming impacts for all species. Surfrider Southern Tas have set up @nogasacrossthebass . The idea is to stop these giant companies blasting and drilling in Tasmanian waters, to protect our beautiful oceans, fisheries, mega fauna, tourism and our climate. Currently there are a few options to help:
– Sign the petition (in the @nogasacrossthebass bio)
-Share the information, educate those around you.
– Watch this space, we have some exciting things we are working on to get you all involved.

Surf Not Salmon is a campaign in opposition of the Expansion of salmon farming off the Tasmanian Shores. Protest events have been held through June 2021 and will continue in the months to come. For further details visit @surfnotsalmon and @savetassiewildcoasts.

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