Stop fossil fuel subsidies

Stop Fossil Fuel Subsidies grew out of FireProof Australia. It is a campaign of civil resistance proportional to the existential threat we face. We refuse to consider that it might already be too late.


Stop Fossil Fuel Subsidies grew out of FireProof Australia. It is a campaign of civil resistance proportional to the existential threat we face. We refuse to consider that it might already be too late. We choose instead to believe that if all of us act decisively now, we can indeed turn this crisis around. Join us to preserve some liveable future for generations to come.

We believe it’s obscene that state, territory and federal governments in Australia collectively give $11.6 billion in public money to the fossil fuel industry as subsidies. That’s $22,000 a minute to subsidise polluting coal, gas and oil. This is a gross misuse of taxpayer money and a betrayal of all those who’ve already suffered the impacts of climate change. We are regular citizens who have faced climate-change fuelled floods, fires and storms. We care deeply about our children, their children and all future generations and we will not stand by and allow government support for fossil fuels to continue. We demand all levels of government stop all fossil fuel subsidies immediately. This is the first and simplest step government must take on the path of decarbonisation of our economy in order to avoid the worst-case scenario of climate breakdown. It’s a no-brainer. No government serious about the climate crisis and reducing emissions should be funding fossil fuels.

Who we are
We are Stop Fossil Fuel Subsidies, a new politically non affiliated group of ordinary citizens taking action to force governments to cease their support for the fossil fuel industry. At a time when the ‘science’ unequivocally states that our planet’s life support systems are in serious peril due to our dependence on the burning of coal, oil and gas, governments around Australia continue to support the expansion of fossil fuel industries through their use of tax payer funded subsidies. As responsible citizens we have been forced to embark on a path of non violent civil resistance in order to stop this obscenity.

What’s the problem – $11.6 billion in fossil fuel in subsidies
Society is at a pivotal crossroads. Climate breakdown in the form of un-natural disasters is happening all across the globe. Our planet is on the brink of collapse. Australia punches above its weight in contributing to global emissions as the third largest exporter of fossil fuels. Consecutive governments have allowed the nation’s resources to be plundered and exploited for the profit of a few. We know democracy is broken when those elected to represent us are negligent in their duty of care to protect their citizens. The missing piece is the social and political will to make change happen. If the Government is serious about the climate crisis there can be no more fossil fuel subsidies for the coal, gas and oil industries. No new approvals, no expansions, and rapid closure plans for all existing fossil fuel extraction. That $11billion must be used for solutions rather than subsiding a destructive industry that makes huge profits and pays little or no taxes. There must be a commitment to invest in mitigation and adaption strategies. And it needs to start now.

What are we going to do about it
The science is no longer up for debate. The fact that this is clearly NOT happening means that we are morally justified with engaging in civil resistance until it DOES!

Our demands
SFFS demands that all levels of government immediately stop all fossil fuel subsidies to the fossil fuel industry.

How can we do it
Stop Fossil Fuel Subsidies has the backing of the international A22 Network, involving over 12 countries dedicated to nonviolent civil resistance in a mad dash to try and save humanity.

Is this level of disruption really necessary?
We have attended protests, we have signed petitions, we have lobbied politicians and traveled to Parliament House. And nothing helped. Nothing worked. We are still fighting for a livable future. Decades of dangerous, greed-fueled inaction have accelerated human-caused global heating to the point where civilization will not be viable, unless urgent steps are taken to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Now is the time for stronger demands and civil resistance proportional to the existential threat we all face.

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