Stop CSG Fracking Gold Coast

Stop CSG Fracking Gold Coast (QLD): a group for an immediate moratorium on CSG mining.


Stop CSG Fracking Gold Coast: for an immediate moratorium on CSG mining. There are different types of CSG mining. They all involve extracting water from coal seams to de-pressurise them and release gas. They all result in untreatable ‘produced water’, lower the fresh water table and are a fire hazard. The most well known – and unpopular – method is hydraulic fracturing (or fracking). It involves blasting a mixture of water, sand and toxic chemicals deep into the ground to crack the bedrock and release coal seam gas. Toxic chemicals have already been found in fracked wells in Queensland, and wells closed due to water contamination.

There are much cleaner and safer technologies available right now. But the short-term profits of mining companies are being prioritised ahead of our air, water, soil and health. Stop CSG Fracking Gold Coast will be campaigning locally for:
– A Royal Commission into all impacts of CSG mining;
– A moratorium on CSG mining until the outcome of the Royal Commission; and
– A ban on fracking.

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