Rewiring Australia

A non-profit organisation that communicates the cost savings, emissions reductions, and energy system benefits of electrification.


Rewiring Australia is a non-profit, independent, non-partisan organisation dedicated to representing the people, households and communities in the energy system. We empirically demonstrate and communicate the cost savings, emissions reductions, and energy system benefits of electrification. Rewiring Australia has reached millions of Australians with our work. We deliver practical climate progress by working with government, industry, and on the ground with communities to electrify everything.

There are four core pillars to our work:
– Education & communications: Mass adoption of electrification requires millions of homes and businesses replacing 100 million fossil machines. We want to make it easy for homes to understand the economic, health and environmental benefits of electrification and why they should make the switch. Check out our media profile here and electrification explainer here.
– Advocacy: Our current energy system, the policies, regulations and funding surrounding it, are set up for a fossil fuel world. We engage directly with all levels of government, members of parliament, industry and regulatory bodies to advocate for reform to the energy system to support rapid decarbonisation through electrification. This includes supporting homes and businesses to electrify and shift to clean energy.
– Data driven research: Our advocacy and education resources are underpinned by robust data analysis. We bring together data from a diverse range of areas including detailed energy flows, economic, demographic and emissions data to build the case (and narrative) for electrification. Our reports are here.
– Deployment of electrification: We work to support electrification happening right now. We’re working with communities and local councils to develop and enable on the ground community led climate action today. Sign up to be an electrification ambassador here and see some information about our pilot work here.

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