Renewables Not Gas for Geelong

Geelong Renewables Not Gas (GRNG) was formed in response to Viva Energy’s proposal to build a gas terminal in Corio Bay. We are proudly independent, non-partisan and funded by donations from our community.


Geelong Renewables Not Gas (GRNG) was formed in response to Viva Energy’s proposal to build a gas terminal in Corio Bay. We are proudly independent, non-partisan and funded by donations from our community. We’re a diverse bunch from different local suburbs and backgrounds, including North Geelong residents directly affected by the proposal, people passionate about fishing and boating, and people concerned about pollution and the climate crisis. Together with other local organisations like Geelong Sustainability, we’ve put on big events including the Geelong Energy Futures Forum in April 2021 (attended by the Victorian Energy and Environment Minister). We’ve also run stalls, training and there’s more to come!

No Gas Terminal in Corio Bay: Tell the Victorian government to reject plans for a gas import terminal in Corio Bay, and invest in renewable energy jobs instead. Sign the Petition

Why we oppose the gas import terminal
Gas is highly flammable and many locals are concerned about safety. Best practice is to locate gas terminals and LNG tankers at least 3.5kms away from residents, as happens elsewhere in Australia. Geelong residents will live within 2km of Viva’s proposed terminal and less than 250m away from the transiting LNG tankers. The risks to life include asphyxiation, incineration or burns. Gas is a dangerous and polluting fuel that contributes to the climate crisis. LNG is Methane, which can be even worse for the climate than coal because it leaks into the atmosphere. This leaked gas traps more warmth, increasing our risks of severe heat, drought, bushfires and sea-level rise. Geelong should be a hub for renewables, not gas. We’ve got the infrastructure, skilled workforce and proud manufacturing heritage to position our region as the place for the rapidly growing clean energy industry. These floating gas terminals are a threat to marine life and fishing. The Victorian government has already rejected a gas terminal in Westernport Bay because of “unacceptable risks” to the marine environment. Fishers will likely face extensive exclusion zones along the shipping channel and gas terminal to ensure the security of the LNG tankers and the floating gas terminal. We can use renewable electricity instead of gas. Household gas appliances can be replaced with electric appliances that are cheaper, cleaner and safer to run.

How you can help
01 Sign the petition calling for Planning Minister Richard Wynne to reject Viva Energy’s proposed gas import terminal for Corio Bay
02 Find an event to attend to demonstrate to Viva and the Government why this project should not go ahead
03 Follow us on Facebook to keep in touch about any developments in the project
04 Increase your knowledge of the risks, myths and alternatives to gas. And find out how to reduce your footprint and get your home or business off gas
05 Join our group. Geelong Renewables Not Gas is a campaign run by ACF Community Geelong. ACF is Australia’s national environment organisation
06 Purchase a t-shirt, sticker or request a coreflute sign. Show your support for the campaign by purchasing some merchandise
07 Donate to the campaign. We are entirely run by volunteers, and would appreciate your support, however modest, to meet the costs of creating community awareness about the gas terminal proposal
08 Tell someone else in your community about the project. We think everyone should have a say in whether we want to lock Geelong into gas or position our town for the jobs and energy sources of the future.

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