Renewable Newstead

Renewable Newstead aims to generate solar power to supply the local community by 2022.


Renewable Newstead is a project operating under the umbrella of Newstead 2021 Inc., an overarching, volunteer, community group. Originating with household energy audits and workshops, the community wanted to further explore renewable energy solutions. Encouraged by a 2011 feasibility study and supported by a 2018 business case, the community set its goal to develop, document and implement a plan for switching to 100 per cent locally generated, renewable energy in a commercially viable way, that would benefit everyone in the Newstead area. The model, advised by Energy for the People with funding grants from the Victorian Government, is unique in that it does not require initial community up-front investment and will allow any Newstead business and household the choice to purchase renewable energy from the Newstead Solar Farm by simply switching to the power retailer partner.

The community established the following core principles:
• be opt in
• do no harm
• deliver community benefits
• be grid-connected

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