Professionals Advocating for Climate Action

Professionals Advocating for Climate Action is a group of over 300 professionals and friends who support one another to make practical changes and use our networks to influence action against climate change. We actively support initiatives to reach 75% net zero by 2030.


We are a group of over 300 professionals and their friends, who are deeply concerned about our environment. We support one another to make practical changes by using our networks and contacts to encourage action against climate change. Taking action to support our environment while inspiring communities to be 75% net zero by 2030 .

How we act
• EDUCATE OURSELVES: We hold monthly zoom meetings with presentations from a wide range of inspiring experts
• SHARE OUR KNOWLEDGE: Using digital platforms we share resources and information with each other and aligned partner groups
• MAKE CHANGES OURSELVES: From solar to composting, we support each other to make changes – big and small – in our own lives
• INFLUENCE OTHERS: We aim to encourage others in our communities and networks, to make important changes

WHY WE EXIST: “We started this group after the 2019 bushfires…..we just felt we needed to do something. So we invited friends and colleagues to get to together monthly. We started off in the lounge room but when COVID hit, we shifted to zoom meetings. All of a sudden, people could join us from anywhere, which has ended up being great. So now we have members across four states, and as far away as the UK. Our philosophy is that anyone is welcome, there is no pressure but lots of support and positivity about the changes that need to happen. Because many members are professionals, one way we want to make a big difference is by using our influence and networks, to garner support and action to address climate change.” Stephen Moir and Carolyn Loton, founders

What WE believe
• OUR PHILOSOPHY: People need to be informed and united to make the appropriate decisions to protect the future of our planet from destruction, to uphold and support habitats and biodiversity, and address risks to the health and wellbeing of humans and all other life on earth.
• OUR GOALS: To inspire and educate professionals to adopt sustainable and equitable practices in their professional and personal lives. To support, advocate and take actions for ourselves and other communities to reach 75% net zero by 2030. To support and advocate for better care of our environment.

What we have done
• Solar uptake: Members who have installed rooftop solar in the past 18 months 18 members
• Guest speakers: 24 Speakers, From across multiple different sectors, all leaders on climate change and or the environment
• Members: members 300+ From all across Australia and around the world.

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