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The Power Together Alliance is made up of a range of organisations who are committed to social justice and environmental causes.


The Power Together Alliance is made up of a range of organisations who are committed to social justice and environmental causes. Our goal is to open the door to renewable energy for all Queenslanders, helping our communities and the environment in tough times. Right now, Queenslanders are struggling with the impacts of climate change — including higher energy prices from expensive coal and gas as well as the impact of heatwaves, droughts and natural disasters. We’re also paying high power bills because we rely on expensive coal and gas generated by on outdated and unreliable energy system which often breaks down. This drives up energy prices by exposing Queenslanders to volatile coal and gas prices. We want to help Queenslanders who are doing it tough to share the benefits of household solar and energy efficiency. A third of Queenslanders are currently missing out on $2,700 in savings per year because they don’t have the same access to clean technology, like rooftop solar, to slash their bills. To safeguard our communities and our quality of life from ever-rising prices, we need to act now and invest in renewable energy.
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The Power Together coalition was brought together to tackle the challenges to Queenslanders way of life head-on. Together we’re working hard to understand the impact of the cost of living crisis on everyday Queenslanders, and advocating for the short and long term solutions to ease the burden on those who need it most. We Want to See:
Rebates of $175 administered to help Queenslanders cope with bill shock straight away.
Targeted financial support for household solar and storage, energy efficiency measures and electrification.
The State Government help those who are most vulnerable slash their power bills by rolling out a Virtual Power Plant on 10,000 dwellings, while providing support for 10,000 additional rental properties to install solar.
An ambitious National Framework for Minimum Energy Efficiency Rental Requirements implemented as soon as possible in Queensland, as well as more direct investment in communities to build energy and climate resilience.
More Queensland-owned renewable energy projects brought online sooner to bring down power bills and improve reliability for Queenslanders.
Protect our communities from climate impacts like flooding and bushfires by investing in community climate resilience so community groups on-the-ground have the resources they need in the toughest times.

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