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We are a group seeking to persuade City of Moreton Bay council to acknowledge we are in a climate emergency and spur them to accelerate policies and actions to meet the challenge of doing what must be done this decade and beyond.


We are a group of people with diverse interests, and residents of urban or rural parts of the Moreton Bay region. But we have at least two things in common: we are all extremely concerned that our governments at all levels are not doing enough to meet critical climate targets; and we are convinced that we can persuade City of Moreton Bay council to acknowledge we are in a climate emergency and spur them to accelerate policies and actions to meet the challenge of doing what must be done this decade and beyond. The Moreton Climate Action Now campaign receives support from the Queensland Conservation Council. It is not affiliated with any political party.

Our supporters
MoretonCAN’s campaign network includes individual supporters, environment advocates and other groups, all demanding Climate Action Now. We are rapidly finding support from more individuals, and networking with other organisations in our local region, as we grow this crucial campaign. We recognise the perils, but also the wonderful opportunities, that the climate crisis is forcing us to act on. We believe our children and grandchildren should be able to inherit a better world than the current climate trend is leading us towards. We need you to help us to push our local Councillors into immediate and essential action.

Moreton Climate Action Now (Moreton CAN) campaign has evolved with support from individuals, groups and businesses to pressure the Moreton Bay City Council to declare a Climate Emergency and take stronger steps to meet ambitious and crucial climate action goals. Climate change is already having profound effects on the Australian landscape, native wildlife, human health, safety and social wellbeing, and our hopes for a liveable future. The most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report gave a stark warning of the severity of climate change, and highlighted the urgent need for action in the face of inevitable and irreversible changes to our climate. We must drastically reduce our greenhouse contributions by a minimum of 65% within the next 15 years if we are to have any chance of avoiding catastrophic climate impacts.The Moreton Bay City Council community survey, *‘Moreton Says’ revealed that the natural beauty of the region is of primary importance to community members and visitors to the region, with 90%of residents indicating that environmental protection was a highly important role for council, while 18% indicated satisfaction with council performance. To honour the community’s clear message to council regarding their priorities and expectations, council must do more to preserve the natural beauty and environment, including protecting it from the effects of climate change.

Supporters of Moreton CAN believe that it is not too late to act, and that together we can fight for effective climate action. The declaration of a climate emergency by the Moreton Bay City Council is a critical element in a local response to the climate crisis and would bring it in line with Sunshine Coast and Noosa councils. While the Moreton Bay City Council has joined the Cities Power Partnership as part of a review of its position on climate change, this is not enough, and our local government must strive to meet far more ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets if our community is to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Moreton CAN’s Climate Emergency Declaration campaign network includes Koala Action Incorporated; Pristine Peninsula and the Moreton Bay Eco Alliance groups, and is reaching out to other environmental organisations in our local region as we grow this crucial campaign. For more information on how you can get involved with Moreton CAN, sign the petition, and join the fight for a safe climate and liveable future contact [email protected] . *Moreton Says: Anchor Survey Report, September, 2021)

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