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Montmorency Community Group is a grass-roots, non-profit organisation creating a positive vision for the future.


Welcome to the Monty community group
We’re dedicated to creating a sustainable and resilient Montmorency, with the added bonus of making it an even nicer place to live and building community. The group is based on the “Transitions Town” initiative which aims to address Climate Change and Peak Oil with positive actions.

Montmorency community Group
The Montmorency Community Group – is local people getting together to build a happier, more connected and more sustainable and resilient local community. MCG is part of the world-wide Transition Towns movement. ​Learn more about MCG…

Biodiversity Group
Community members formed the Montmorency Biodiversity Group in 2012 to conserve and promote our flora and fauna in all its biodiversity. Our goal is to promote environmental stewardship Our Sugar Glider Project continues to reflect our focus on conservation. ​Learn more about MBG

Friends of Montmorency Bushlands
​​We are a group of local residents, who care for bush land areas in Montmorency. We hold monthly working bees in conservation reserves for weeding, planting and maintenance, under the direction of the Bush Crew from Banyule Council. Our goal is to regenerate and protect remnant bush land. Learn more about FOMB ​

Wildlife corridors
​What would Montmorency be without our huge variety of trees, plants, insects and birds: our rich biodiversity? Community members formed the Montmorency Biodiversity Group in 2012 to conserve and promote our flora and fauna and all its biodiverisity. Our goal is to promote community stewardship through:
Supporting wildlife habitat corridors
Protection of remnant vegetation, especially trees
Control and removal of invasive weeds
Sharing knowledge and conversations with the community

The sugar glider project has been the major focus of our group. Over 100 nest boxes have been installed in wildlife habitat corridors across the suburb. Volunteer climbers regularly inspect these for sugar glider occupation and results are recorded. Analysis of survey results of the glider population reveal total numbers, movement and key locations. A report, analysing years of these survey results, has been presented to Banyule Council, to support protection of the local habitat in the VP01. This VP01, is a Vegetation Protection Overlay, covering the suburbs of Lower Plenty, Montmorency Briar Hill, and St Helena. It is an administrative tool of Council, designed to ‘… conserve the existing pattern of vegetation, landscape quality and ecosystems within the area…’ and; ‘…to protect the area for local fauna and as an important habitat link…’ In recent work on building the dual rail lines, major trees were removed at the crossing of Para Road over the Plenty River. This tree removal has severely damaged the habitat link along the railway line. This habitat link is recognised by Banyule City Council and the NEROC report, as one of state-wide significance. We expect LXRP to mitigate this damage to our key wildlife corridor. Our work so far could not have been achieved without the marvellous support of the Montmorency community and surrounding suburbs! Please contact us on this website and watch for events on our Facebook link.​

Sustainability and Energy
​Clean energy and energy saving are a key theme of the MCG. The MCG encourages energy saving in the home and the development of sustainable energy projects in the community. We do this by working to source funds for projects through government grants and by providing information for the public through our newsletters, media and public events. Members take part in efforts to lobby government to take urgent action on climate change.

Food Swap
The monthly Food Swap is held on the first Sunday of every month from 10:30am, at the Monty Community Hub, 1-3 Mountain View Road, Montmorency. Come and join us for a celebratory morning tea and the usual food swap activities. (sourced 24/12/2023 from website

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