Joy and Mischief

Joy and Mischief is a craftivist project by and for disabled people, based on the Sovereign Lands of the Gadigal People.


A craftivist project by and for disabled people, based on the Sovereign Lands of the Gadigal People. Gentle protest is a movement of radically non-violent and creative civil engagement. Hand-crafting political messages is a way to slowly and carefully build a healthy democracy. At the Joy and Mischief project we use materials we already have to make beautiful crafts. We help social and environmental justice campaigns more accessible, inclusive, vibrant and creative.

Beyond burnout: Embedding accessibility in activist communities makes for a stronger climate movement. The last few months have seen a shift for me. I’ve started to think seriously about talking and writing publicly about how it is to be disabled in the environmental sciences and climate movement. It’s hard to do, because the violence within the movement… September 11, 2023

Why is gentle protest important? Democracy is maintained because everyday people choose to make their voices heard in public. Whether that’s calling businesses and Members of Parliament (MPs) to demand they care about communities and the environment, or showing up in the streets to disrupt and draw attention to a cause – progress is won because people take up space…August 31, 2022

Join a wave of people crafting change: The Joy and Mischief project didn’t invent craftivism, not by a long shot. Here’s a non-official and pretty short list of craftivist case studies. Reach out if you have some to add! The Craftivist Collective The Knitting Nannas Badass Cross Stitch Craft industry alliance The Centre for Artistic Activism The Social Justice Sewing…August 31, 2022

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