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The purpose of The Grass Routes is to contribute to the creation of a unique Australia-wide network of bush corridors... for the shared & sustainable use for heritage, habitat & livelihood.


The purpose of The Grass Routes is to contribute to the creation of a unique, Australia-wide network of bush corridors and connections. These ‘grass routes’ are essential to ensuring the resilience of our native habitat and fauna, are a special part of our ancient and contemporary heritage, as well as providing areas for sustainable livelihoods. Australia’s native habitats are at grave risk. So much of their full value is unseen, unknown and neglected. For instance, consider their cultural and historical significance and their importance to sustainable tourism, education, agribusiness and other livelihoods. Their importance is heightened by the fact we are right now witnessing the greatest loss of biodiversity in 65 million years (since Dinosaurs became extinct!). Climate change significantly adds to these risks. And, Australia’s unique Travelling Stock Routes are at risk from further sale, fragmentation and inadequate funding for proper sustainable management.

The Grass Routes is not only about addressing these serious problems and needs though. It is also aspirational, to support the choice for all Australians to not only retain but also extend, strengthen and sustain our native habitats. In this way we could create a globally unique network and resource of connected bush corridors for habitat, heritage and livelihoods.

Continental-Scale Corridors
This vision is far from a flight of fancy. In the words of William Gibson: “The future is here. It is just not widely distributed yet.” Continental scale bush corridor projects are already happening across Australia including:
Gondwana Link
Great Eastern Ranges
Habitat 141
Trans-Australia Eco-Link; and,
Citizens Wildlife Corridors.

Plus there is the substantial work being done to protect the threatened Travelling Stock Routes throughout New South Wales and Queensland. We believe that a connected Australia-wide network of bush corridors is a critically essential piece in the long term sustainability of Australia — culturally, socially, financially and environmentally.

• interNETwork: The Grass Routes initiative is supported by an interNETwork of partners from conservation, agriculture, tourism, science and business who are deeply concerned about Australia’s long term cultural, economic and environmental sustainability.
• Awareness Raising Kit: We have chosen Kangaroo Grass as our mascot for the need to regenerate seriously depleted native habitats across Australia.
• Governance: The Grass Routes is auspiced by the National Parks Association of NSW and coordinated by Bev Smiles, Western Projects Manager with Adam Blakester, Executive Director of Starfish Enterprises Network. The Earth Welfare Foundation and ParadigmPlay have been the major funders for this work to date.
• View the The Grass Routes – Strategic Plan (PDF).

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