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Gasfield Free Drumborg is a group educating and promoting action to stop invasive gas mining, and providing news, info & events.


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In the recent “climate” election Australians have voted with their pockets and given two fingers to fighting global warming. We will probably find ourselves firmly in the grip of a Pentecostal ex-advertising liar. Australians have voted for the continued destruction of the ABC by the agents of the Murdoch empire. They have voted to open vast coalmines in the Galilee Basin…….Adani and Fat Clive. They have voted to frack the NT and to mine uranium in WA with the risk of directly causing extinctions. They have voted for an unfair tax system which will probably make us into a cheap copy of the USA…………a nation of have-lots and have-nothings. Given the above reasons I no longer see any reason to keep this Facebook page running.

GasfieldFreeGlenelg does a sterling job, so this page is probably a bit redundant anyway! I will cease posting and effectively put the page into abeyance. It could be re-activated in the future if needed. EMPHATICALLY these are entirely MY views and feelings. They DO NOT reflect the views of GasfieldFreeDrumborg. Good luck To all those who didn’t vote for the LNP or the Hideous Henna’ed Horror Hanson or Fat Clive. And great ill-fortune to those who did.

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