Frontline Action on Coal Kulin Nation Melbourne

Using collective power to highlight injustices and disrupt the status quo, Frontline Action on Coal is on the frontlines, transforming the way we relate to each other and the world.


Frontline Action on Coal, Colonialism & Capitalism Kulin Nation/Melbourne supports community led.

Coming up this weekend at Catalyst – a festival we’d really recommend not missing. Our friends at VicSEN (Victorian Student Environment Network) are reviving and bringing together a whole host of friends and activist community members. Workshops, bands, food all for free. Link to event here:

Want to work less? Got reasons to be less reliant on waged labour? Learn about dumpster diving, “borrowing”, housing, and getting thru cenno with this workshop at Catalyst next week. Food included

Join the wider anti-extractivist movement – join the movements that stands for land, water and life.

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