Electrify Canberra

We’re a volunteer-led, community-driven group of electrification enthusiasts with a vision to rapidly electrify all Canberra households by bringing communities together.


Electrify Canberra’s vision, inspired by Rewiring Australia, is to rapidly electrify all Canberra households by bringing communities together. We want to connect with households, apartments, streets, neighbourhoods and suburbs that are keen to electrify their homes. We want to mobilise our communities to show Canberrans want to electrify the City.

Helping those that can electrify. Electrify Canberra wants to encourage those that can afford it to electrify their homes and for us to make that as easy as possible. We can bring neighbours together to:
– help with deciding ‘What do I electrify first?’
– explore finance
– community batteries
– bulk buys and bulk installation
Trusted neighbours can help demystify and simplify the process. We want to bring together homes in a street, a suburb, or suburbs to show electrification makes economic and environmental sense. The quickest way to cut energy costs and emissions is to electrify our homes.

Supporting those that can’t electrify. We know 50% of people cannot afford to fund the electrification of their homes and need government support. We want the ACT Government to show their commitment to action on emission reductions and bring everyone along.

Pilot initiatives. Canberra is perfectly pilot-sized and can provide the blueprint for other states and territories. Canberra has a wide range in temperatures, heritage concerns, retrofitting challenges and complicated buildings. Pilots could start with as few as 50 houses powered from the same distribution transformer, going much bigger with community interest and funding. We want pilots that include:
– apartments and challenging buildings
– low income households and social housing
– homeowners and renters
– streets, suburbs and communities.
Take our community survey to share your experience and interest.

Funding. We are still exploring all possible pilot options and are on the quest to find funding for suburb and apartment pilots. Get in touch if you have smart finance options for home, suburb, community or apartments. We’re a volunteer-led, community-driven group of electrification enthusiasts. We’re designers, website developers, writers, data analysts, electricians, students, retirees; we’re renters, home-owners, parents, grandparents. We’re your neighbours, friends, workers, your community; Canberrans concerned about rising energy costs and emissions. We door-knock, letterbox, run stalls and events to find electrification champions in every suburb.

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