Don’t ex-Hume coal

We work to stop a giant Korean coal mine in Hume.


Do you like toast? Yes? Well then you have no right to refuse our giant Korean coal mine. NO OPTION FOR YOU toast eater!

Greetings loyal page likesters. As you well know, Hume Coal is but a bad memory now. Once defeat was confirmed it vanished like an odd smell. So, what now for Don’t Ex-Hume Coal? Well, buoyed by not getting sued by the last corporation to set its sights on the Highlands we have a new foe in our own sights.
This Chinese entrepreneur owned industrial daydream has employed a big company with an inexplicable name, GHD, to grease the wheels of Government and build a truly gigantic plastics processing facility in a little town called Moss Vale. There is, it is safe to say, significant opposition to the idea. GHD has recently sent out a series of documents offering explanation for their intentions. It mostly consists of words to the effect, “It’s not against the law, council rules say we can, so we’re doing it.” So, we’re thinking, we’ll leave up all the old content for posterity and reinvent ourselves as a new parody of a novel foe. Just how it will work, look or help, we have no idea. So, without further reference to giant plastics processing plants in small rural towns surrounded by agricultural land which depends on tourism, we’d like to announce a pending name change. Goodbye Hume Coal and with it Don’t Ex-Hume Coal and say hello to….The PlasNOTfine Facebook page.
(The judges decision is whimsical and correspondence will be entered into….comment below?)

We probably should thank our supporters, even though most of you work for us, for making our feelings felt and providing support for the Don’t Ex-Hume Coal Project. We now look forward to the final days on this planet after the IPCC has released its report. The IPC’s result on the other hand comes out in September. Fingers crossed! So excitement!
Seriously though…We don’t give a shit. If we did, none of us would work for a coal company. Sure, we tell ourselves that what we are really doing is digging up metallurgical coal, which the stupid greenies and their wild warnings of global doom, need in order to maintain their steely resolve (Steel! You hypocrites). But, we know half of it will be burned for energy. We know we will drop the water table and it’s not coming back. We know that 300 jobs for 25 years in an industry that an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says needs to be well and truly on its way gone in 10 years, is bullshit. The world is in real peril and we tell ourselves that we if didn’t do the work, someone would and anyway it’s essential. The fact that we live in a country that is in the crosshairs of extreme drought and heat thanks to climate chaos, we can reason away. It’s fine. Humanity will sort it out. Carbon capture or another thing yet to exist. Of course, if we gave a shit we could make a real difference because we work in coal. We could change. Change is hard. So someone else should do it. When we are old, Coal willing, and our kids look at us and ask, what did you do to try to stop all this? We’ll be able to look them in the eye and say, “Nothing. Didn’t give a shit.” #DontExHumeCoal #jobsfortenyears #mostoftheproblem

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