Climate Safety

This website initially started out in 2013 as a Carbon awareness hub introduced as an open space allowing participants and readers to explore, compile, share and exchange knowledge about how best to deal with the climate change problems caused by our collective emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses.


Help build support for a climate emergency declaration . Mobilising public and private resources to restore a safe climate for the common good. In February 2016, global temperatures spiked to well over 1.5°C above pre-industrial times, just weeks after the Paris resolution aimed at not exceeding that benchmark. See: Climate Reality CheckAsk the Australian parliament to declare a climate emergency and mobilise resources accordingly.

Australians are great at pitching in to help and mobilising resources in an emergency. Remember the Queensland floods of 2011? Three-quarters of the council areas within the state of Queensland were declared disaster zones. Government funds were made available and a large workforce was mobilised to deal with the emergency. Volunteers were quick to offer assistance. More than 55,000 volunteers registered to help clean up the streets of Brisbane, with thousands more simply pitching in to help in all affected areas. All over Australia kind-hearted individuals and community groups took the initiative to send supplies and raise emergency funds. Declaring an emergency is a significant step. It mobilises government and community resources and funds that are not normally available and inspires the public to act for the common good.

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