Climate Justice Alliance Brisbane

We are a national coalition of climate groups for climate justice.


A national coalition of climate groups for climate justice.

A big thank you to all who contributed to make the Brisbane mobilisation for the climate crisis national day of action such a success.
• To Aunty Deb Sandy for her generous welcome to country.
• To Adrian Burragubba, for spelling out that stopping Adani’s giant coal mine on Wangan and Jagalingou country is about more than its impact on greenhouse gas emissions – it’s a question of land rights and justice, of sovereignty over unceded country.
• To Phil Marii, who spoke of the impacts of the fires and of the need to move away from the greed at the foundation of the system imposed since colonisation, to the sharing that is at the heart of what it means to be a Murri – so that we don’t fix the climate crisis, only to create another one.
• To Heidi Edmonds, speaking from the heart about safeguarding the future for her children and all children – who have already started to fear the devastating fires. Her promise to the kids that we’re working on it is a pledge we can’t back away from.
• To Priya from Uni Students for Climate Justice, to Darsh from Extinction Rebellion, also for speaking; Vincent for photos, and everyone who boosted our impact by sharing pics and updates on social media; and the XR choir for getting us in the mood as we gathered.
• To the volunteers who stepped in to help with the PA, gazebo, water and marshalling; those who contributed donations for the welcome to country; and everyone who promoted the event through their networks, endorsed the rally or helped us reach out for speakers.
And above all, to everyone who came – who gathered for some or all of it, who held signs, chanted and walked through the streets, affirming our determination to see through the process of change. Together we’ll win our demands for government action for indigenous justice; 100% renewable energy, publicly owned, with a just transition for workers and communities; no new fossil fuel or nuclear projects; and funding for firies and climate-crisis affected communities. Don’t forget to look out for our next meeting as we seek to foster a democratic, inclusive space for connecting to strengthen our movement.

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