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Climate change equity is a new type of organisation. Our vision is to be a leader in the response to climate change.


Climate change equity is a new type of organisation. Our vision is to be a leader in the response to climate change. Established in 2009, we are Australia’s first charity focused on climate change. Being a charity doesn’t mean we don’t seek to make profit in what we do, but it does mean that when we do make a profit, it gets directly applied to our objects to address climate change. As a not-for-profit public company, we are answerable to our members for delivering our stated goals with integrity and transparency. As a business we are answerable to our employees and volunteers for providing participatory leadership. As a social enterprise we are answerable to the communities we operate to improve their lives and their environment as much as we can.

Our aim is firstly to empower those who seek to but struggle to reduce their carbon footprint and the resource usage in their everyday lives. Our communities, local and global, need new products and services that allow them not to consume, emit and destroy our environment as we strive to maintain our collective quality of life. climate change equity’s goal is to foster the creation of these new products and services and thus be a catalyst for change and the creation of a circular economy.
– Enable: Our role is to take the risks that prevent other organisations from acting. We explore solutions that are available but not yet widely adopted and, in doing so, provide more resource efficient choices.
– Educate: Addressing climate change is becoming a fundamental and unprecedented need in our economy. The lack of action until now stems from a lack of understanding and fear, which are significant barriers to change. We provide formal and informal courses and frameworks that help to overcome these barriers and fears.
– Discover: In order to inform, steer and better direct our efforts, we seek to better understand what a prosperous low carbon future will look like; what the institutional and cultural barriers to this future are; and what options we have for addressing these barriers.

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